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Queen Cutlery Co. has its roots in the old Schatt & Morgan knife company of Titusville, PA. Back in the 1920's, a group of cutlers at Schatt & Morgan would go out back of the factory and play softball on their lunch hour. The management did not approve of this and in the resulting disagreement, this group of cutlers was fired from Schatt & Morgan and founded their own company nearby. The company was originally known as Queen City Cutlery, and in 1946 the name was shortened to Queen Cutlery Co. The depression of the late 1920's-early 1930's was hard on a lot of knife companies, and Schatt & Morgan was forced to close its doors in 1933 due to economic conditions as well as other business factors. Subsequently, the owners of Queen purchased the factory and equipment of Schatt & Morgan at a sheriff's auction, and moved into this facility. Despite the many changes in the knife industry over the years, Queen continues to this day to make its knives in the old Titusville factory, still using much of the same equipment that has been in use for decades. It is truly the last of the old-line American cutlery makers that still makes knives the old-fashioned way. These are extremely high quality knives that any collector or user of knives is proud to own.

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